Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket

The Kiddy Cricket Programme is a primary school based cricket initiative started by the Cricket West Indies & Scotiabank in 1999. From then forth, both the WICB & Scotiabank have made the game of cricket accessible to children aged 6-11 across the West Indies.  The effects of which include a proper system for our future cricketing stars to develop and improve, both on and off the field-of-play and positive engagement, which helps the children stay along the right path and remain focused in life.

Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket produces a document which extensively documents their strategic outline for the development of the program, not only in a cricketing sense, but also through the personal development of its’ participants.  This is an important part of the framework, which leads to the participants becoming well-rounded individuals.  The program is rooted in two critical areas, those being cricket and academics.  All complimentary programs are focused on attaining excellence in those two fields.  The most recent version of this manual can be found below.

Despite the existence of such document, like all other Cricket West Indies initiatives, Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket is dynamic and diverse. Therefore, there are some questions which are reoccurring from persons on the outside.  Also, the effectiveness of the programs must be comprehensively tested, in order to determine whether or not it is successful.  With over 800 Primary Schools engaged, the number of Kiddy Cricketers has now risen to over 135,000.  Cricket West Indies has carefully drafted a Question and Answer document, highlighting facts such as this and attempting to mitigate any questions which linger in supporters’ minds.  The Q&A document can be found below.

To exhibit the commitment both Scotiabank and Cricket West Indies have made to the educational development of the Kiddy Cricketers, we have produced many resources throughout the years.  These resources are utilized in the schools which have programs and go a long way in developing both cricketing, general and subject specified knowledge within the students.

One of the most celebrated and used resources, is Chirpy’s Classroom Adventure, which is a manual used by teachers to effectively teach the included lessons to the youth of the West Indies. It provides comprehensive studies in Language Arts, Mathematics, Technology/Art and Design, Social Studies, Science, Information Technology, Healthy Lifestyles and Child Protection, while rooting the lessons in cricketing knowledge and jargon.  You can find the latest manual below.