Invitation to tender

The Coolidge Cricket Ground Inc., a company jointly owned by Cricket West Indies (CWI) Inc and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, invites tenders for the opportunity to operate the parking lot (formerly referred to as the Airport Parking Lot) contiguous to the courtyard at the Coolidge Cricket Ground, Antigua, adjacent to the VC Bird International

The total number of parking spaces in the lot is 370, of which, approximately 320 will be made available to the successful respondent to the Tender. Tenderers are advised to inspect and examine the site, evaluate the probable business turnover and satisfy themselves before submitting their

Tenderers should be cognizant of the fact that cricket is central to the operations of the entire facility and it is the expectation of the CCG that the successful bidder will be sensitive to this fact and will demonstrate a willingness to accommodate the needs of the various cricket activities that will take place on the adjacent grounds from time to

CCG will host cricket matches and tournaments for which special rates will be negotiated with the successful bidder for parking by the patrons to these matches and tournaments. Several social events will also take place at the facility requiring parking for the attendees, primarily at night, and it is CCG’s intention to direct purveyors of such events to the successful bidder to negotiate favourable terms for parking of vehicles supporting the event.

The Tenderer shall demonstrate: good financial standing, the ability to perform the financial obligations under the terms of the lease such as providing pro-forma revenue and expense reports, a comprehensive business plan, capital and operating budgets.

The Tenderer should have experience in managing at least six (6) full-time employees responsible for the day-to-day operation at parking facilities that are staffed and open to the public preferably on a twenty-four (24) hour basis and may wish to provide valet parking operations and shuttle services.

Structure of Tender Process

Within your tender submission, please include the following information:

Operation Plan: Please provide a narrative description of the services and activities to be provided, including, but not limited to, cash handling procedures, daily ticket and monthly access card auditing procedures, customer service assurance, data collection strategies and associated reports, employee training. Each Tender must state how it will staff the parking facilities.

In the Operation Plan please describe how adequate employee coverage will be provided despite absenteeism, vacations, leaves or turnover of employees, as well as additional staff needed for special circumstances and or events. The Respondent shall describe in the Operation Plan how it will provide adequate management oversight during all days/hours of operation for the facility. The Respondent must describe how it will support and assure the successful management of the parking facilities and implementation of its proposal. This section should also include the qualifications of any management staff person outside the direct parking facilities staff.

The proposal must list any subcontractors and explain their roles. The Operation Plan shall describe auditing and report procedures, employee training policies and procedures, and handling emergency situations (e.g. data recovery, robbery, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, etc.).

Maintenance Plan: Please provide a maintenance plan that describes how Tenderer will monitor, inspect, maintain and clean the parking facilities. Maintenance of equipment recommendations and requirements must also be provided.

Marketing Plan: Please provide a marketing plan to improve overall financial performance of the parking lots through net increase in revenue by attracting new users, providing additional customer amenities and partnering with airport users and merchants.

Security and Safety Plan: Please provide a Security and Safety Plan for the customers, employees, vehicles, the parking facility equipment and all associated data collection, as well as the integrity of cash handling and ticket/access card auditing procedures. The plan must address equipment and other technical recommendations or requirements, staffing and scheduling needs, emergency and crisis handling procedures, surveillance methods and surveillance equipment, as well as a disaster planning procedure.

The Security and Safety Plan must address how management and supervisory staff will monitor and inspect the parking facilities to assure the security and safety of the parking facility property, the vehicles, revenues, customer and employee safety.


The successful operator will be responsible for their own insurance including employer’s liability and public liability insurance. The successful tenderer will be required to submit copies of the insurance policies indemnifying CCG and CWI and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda against any claims of liability.

Bid Fee

Your bid shall be based on a minimum guaranteed amount plus a percentage of gross income with the following being required:

  1. The specific amount in Eastern Caribbean Dollars of the guaranteed payment to be made on a regular monthly basis on an agreed specific date; and
  2. The percentage of Gross Income which shall be subjected to regular audits which shall be agreed to be paid at regular intervals for the life of the contract period; and
  3. A financial budget showing the projected gross income for the period of the contract including the justifications on how this will be achieved and the corresponding assumptions.

Evaluation of Bids

CCG shall evaluate each Bid received. All decisions as to whether to continue or terminate discussions with Bidders will be taken by CCG in its absolute and unfettered discretion.

CCG may require a Bidder to clarify points of detail or to expand on elements of its Bid. Such clarifications or expansions may require confirmation in a document from the Bidder to CCG which will (if so requested by CCG) form part of the Bid.  All Bidders shall comply with such requests as required by CCG. 

CCG reserves the right to require Bidders to provide CCG with such written information as CCG may require in order to fully consider any Bid including, without limitation, information in relation to a Bidder’s ownership, corporate structure and financial position.  All Bidders shall comply with such requests as required by CCG.

Without prejudice to the terms of this Tender, CCG intends to enter into negotiations with all bidders.  CCG shall not be obliged to provide any reason for any of its decisions (including selections or rejections).

CCG will not be obliged to prefer the highest bid in monetary terms or otherwise and will decide, in its absolute discretion, the process in relation to any Bids still under consideration and shall communicate that decision to the relevant Bidders.

Submission of Bids:

Bids shall be submitted by email to: and copied to

by Thursday, June 28, 2019.

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